CHOCOLATE MOUSSE SOUFFLE CAKE $8 We achieve a rich chocolate cake without the use of flour making this a gluten free gift. Espresso chocolate mousse  is sandwiched between two layers of the cake.

LEMON GINGER SEMOLINA CAKE $8 This 3-2-1 cake has olive oil and a fine semolina flour to give it a hearty and fragrant quality. A lemony frosting with candied ginger illuminates this dessert.

NO BAKE CHEESECAKE WITH PORT CHERRIES $8 Cherries from the tree George chopped down are spiked with port wine and reduced to a preserve-like consistency to make a sweet, tart accompaniment to this custard like cheesecake.

Sporting fried basil as a garnish, this cheesecake is fashionable.

PECAN AND CHOCOLATE TART $8 A warm pecan tart with chocolate is served a la mode and topped with meringue and chocolate nuggets. Our esteemed colleague in the kitchen tells us there is a bit of orange essence in the tart.

BUTTERSCOTCH PANNA COTTA $8 Panna cotta means cooked cream and is the name of this Italian eggless custard flavored with butterscotch. It is silky and light. We brûlée the top and serve it with Dossie’s shortbread.

POACHED PEAR WITH CREAMY MOUNTAIN TOP BLUE $8 Pears are poached in maple syrup and port wine and served alongside candied walnuts and Firefly Farms acclaimed Mountain Top produced in the Allegheny Highlands. Add a glass of port or madeira for an excellent “pearing.”

Blandy’s 5 Year or Rainwater Madeira

Blandy’s 10 Year Malmsey Madeira

Graham’s Ruby or Tawny Port

Graham’s 10 Year Tawny Port